Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Priceless frilly ankle socks

I did these about 3 years ago. I searched for something similar in the shops and on the web but couldn't find what I wanted. So I did them myself.

-7 pairs of black ankle socks, €3.00
-half a meter of ruffled red ribbon, €3.00
-thread, needle, salt tube, left foot & drop of blood: 
model's own
-a good time, some pricks and a cool pair of socks... PRICELESS!

elasticated frilly ribbon
start sewing the ribbon around the edge of the sock
oops, something went wrong
to stop the bleeding, maybe?
nah, to fix the other problem!
the end result
the end result (x 2!)
And finally, here is me modelling them with my beloved Firetrap shoes:

Cost of the materials: €4 each pair approximately

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