Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crocheted rustic basket

OK, still in the process of catching up with the new things I've done...

I attended a workshop organised by Zuri from AZ Atelier where the initial "oh, no, I don't feel like getting up on a Sunday morning" gets replaced by a little bit of magic with an always pleasant and smiley instructor and equally shiny and like-minded people as classmates. The fact that breakfast is included and this time we were presented with yummy home made biscuits helps too.  

This technique is as easy as effective. The kind of one that when you are showed, you go: "d'oh! why didn't I think of  that?". 

Basically two different threads are used: a thicker rustic one is used as the "inside" base and the thinner one is used to crochet around it. 

This technique can be used as well with t-shirt yarn and wool, for example. The only requirement is that the "inside" tread needs to be rigid enough to hold the shape of what you are making. 

The pattern that we used was in Spanish so I won't reproduce it here. But for anyone more or less used to using a crochet hook and its basic stitches this shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. 

Rather than talking you through the whole process, I'll just show you a few photos so you get an idea:

the materials
the elusive "magic ring" to get started

detail of both threads being entwined
base of the basket taking shape
with sample mini basket
yours truly in action

I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I did doing it.  
Until next time!

the final result - as a gift basket

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