Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Size does matter

Oh, well, always thinking about things too late, me. But as they say: late better than never.

This Sunday I'm attending a workshop but it is already virtually full. So try not to get either too excited or too jealous...

It's a crochet workshop with a difference... or two. It's "Ganchillo XL", so the hook it's going to be massive. On of those that it's hard to loose. That's a good thing already. And the material is "trapillo". "Trapo" in Spanish means cloth. The image that I have in my head is the cut out pieces of old sheets and blankets that my mother used for cleaning around the house. So, I thought, "trapillo" is either a small cloth (doesn't sound ideal for crochet). Or the material is somehow recycled clothing. 

Et voilà! I was right... well, sort of. For those not in the know (like I was not long ago), "trapillo" is known as T-shirt yarn. Mystery solved.

I have looked at some tutorials and it seems quite easy to make out of old T-shirts and stuff. But it is sold commercially ready-made also. I guess due to time constrains on Sunday we'll get out materials already made.

I can't wait. I'll keep you posted on the results. Are you jealous yet?
By the way, the workshop is organised by AZ Atelier & they are based in Playa Blanca in the lovely island of Lanzarote. Worth checking them out!

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