Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Chain 3, join

Round 1: CH 2, DC in CH. *CH 3, DC Cluster, repeat from * 5 times total. CH 3, join in beg cluster.

Round 2: SL ST to center of CH 6, *CH 4, TC in center of DC CL, Picot(CH 3, SL ST, CH 6, SL ST, CH 3, SL ST all in the top of the TC) CH 4 SL ST in center of CH 6 space. Repeat from * 6 times total. The last CH 4 will be joined to the beginning CH 4. Cut your yarn, secure your tail and sew in the tail.

CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
TC = Triple Crochet
DC CL = Double Crochet Cluster - This stitch is joined at the top.
SL ST = Slip Stich

My version of it has an extra Double Crochet Cluster in the center of the chain 6 space:
And this is the final result of my Christmas tree this year:



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